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We can take care of all of your needs when it comes to lowering .wether its super low split or a mild lowering job on your bay ,the way we do it here is very safe and lets you retain a good ride quality so long as you dont go too low,we advise that if you are going to fit different size wheels and tyres that you  ask for advise before you take the plunge as we know what tyres to use and how big you can go to achive the best look for your van  and can set the ride hieght perfectly giving you the desired look,we can offer competitive prices for new and used alloy wheel and tyre combination to make your bus stand out from the crowd

Each job varies in price as to how low you go but here are some prices for our standard lowering jobs

Split and Bay inc front shocks £499 or £1000 with a full set of brand new alloy wheels (brm's empi 5's, fuchs, radars etc)

In addition to the above  if you want to go lower and your budget is slightly larger we can supply and fit dropped spindles and narrowed beams for both split and bay ,we are using Slamwerks of Derby for all our beams and dropped spindles ,as the quality and service they provide is proving very good!

please call if you have any lowering requirements that are'nt listed above we are happy to build any custom set up and get that bus super low  down on the ground and still making it drive safely!

T25 40 mm to 65mm  just springs  £350   fitted

T4 40 mm drop just springs using existing dampers £250  inc fitting

T4 50 mm drop just springs using existing dampers  £250 inc fitting

We can also drop your T5 please call for latest drop and prices

1 spline drop at rear and and the usual at the front gives this split a great look but it still drives good 

this T4 has had a good 90 mm drop which looks great but it drives umm how should i say !interesting best sticking to 40-65 mm if you want to use it for camping or putting anything heavier than your dinner in it

or we can go the opposite anyone for some off roading !we do live out in the sticks you know